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The P.U.S.H. Curriculum is centered around five main categories which have been identified as essential to establishing a well-rounded, well-informed lifestyle.


Self Identity.jpg

Participants will begin to lay the foundation of establishing their identity. Through various computer and VR-based exercises the participants will gain a better understanding about proper brain function, physical changes to their bodies, how to navigate through emotional and mental challenges and learn effective ways to express their thoughts and feelings to others.

Life Skills:


Participants will begin to identify their dreams and goals for the future. They will explore their interests and ideas in an effort to create a “game plan” for achieving their long-term goals. Participants will be encouraged to dream big, as this will be the beginning stages of shaping their destiny. Participants will also gain the skills and knowledge that is required in order to be independent and self-sufficient throughout life. Students will also learn essential life skills such as, resume writing and interviewing, choosing and applying for colleges, money management and independent living.

Nutrition & Health:

healthy eating teens hero.jpg

Proper nutrition and exercise are essential components to a young person’s healthy development. This category will address the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Participants will learn the functions of each food group, what foods to avoid and how to incorporate healthy eating into every meal. Participants will also engage in VR exercise simulations which will become more advanced in each grade level. Another goal of the program is for each school to have its own fruit/vegetable garden on campus that the participants will be responsible for tending do.

Community & Teamwork


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This category will emphasize the importance of caring for others and embracing cultural differences. Participants will learn about community activism and social change, engage in VR simulations about other cultures and beliefs, and participate in charitable events such as community clean-up days or food/clothing drives for people in need. The goal is for each student to find causes that they are passionate about, to continue advocating for those causes and to become open, willing participants in caring for all of humanity. The program software is designed to interact with other program users located at different schools across the nation; they will collaborate on initiatives that promote social change.

Students will learn what it means to be “present” or live in the moment, and why it is important to pause and re-center ourselves during times of stress or uneasiness. Narrated by the virtual assistant, the VR simulations will not only engage participants in in-the-moment activities such as dancing and singing like no one is watching, but they will also introduce various mindfulness exercises such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping, deep breathing and meditation. By developing these habits early, participants will have the tools to maintain balance during stressful situations that will assuredly occur throughout the rest of their lives.

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